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Сообщение автор nana-tantan 2/2/2012, 3:31 am

You are always welcome. I am happy to know that you liked it.

Hello everyone,
here is another interview from another magazine. Hope you'll like this too.
This is not quite new(about 1year ago), but really a good one to read..., you know, what he has been through after 2010.
He has real guts and inner strength!

Special thanks to Sakiko as well, who asked me to translate these articles.

At the Skate Canada International event in the fall in 2010, you landed 2 quads in a SP, a quad sal + triple toe combination and a quad toe, for the first time in figure skating history.
Congratulations! So, how do you feel about it?

Kevin: Thank you so much! I was so glad to have done what nobody else has ever done before. When I landed the 2nd quad, a toe loop, there was a rush of adrenaline through my body. It’s totally great that my name is added in the list of great Canadian skaters who are pioneers of jumping.

Could you tell us about the situations where you first landed each of your quads, toe loop, salchow, and loop, how old you were and how you felt?
Kevin: My first quad was a salchow, when I was 15. I was practicing with Bruno Marcotte, my assistant coach then, because my main coach Joanne McLeod was with Emanuel Sandhu attending the competition. On that day, I tried the quad salchow again and again. It was getting better, and finally, on my last try, everything went perfect and I landed a clean one. I clearly remember how I felt at that moment. It was totally amazing, and was a great feeling. Since it felt so great, it made me want to try harder and harder to complete it.

And the next year, when I was 16, I landed a quad toe loop during practice. I think it was about a week before we left for the JGPF. Joanne saw me veru happy with what I'd just done, she proposed putting it into the programme in competition, although there was almost no time left to practice. We decided to do it, and at JGPF, I managed to land a puad toe loop first time in competition in spite of having food poisoning.

About the quad loop, I first landed it during practice after 4CC in 2010, while the Olympic Games were being held. I’ve been practicing it since off season in 2008, and it was getting closer. However, I couldn’t make the Olympics team. So, I think all my anger and despair at myself pushed me to work hard to redeem myself. What I remember is that I was not exactly happy when I first landed, but sort of satisfied. After a while, I became to feel happy, but at that moment, I didn’t really feel happy.

I was surprised to find 3 different quads planned in your FS elements sheet before. Have you ever landed them cleanly during practice?
Kevin: I would like to land 3 different quads in one programme. Since I was younger, I’ve been hoping to do something that nobody has ever accomplished in the world of figure skating. And now I’m getting closer to the opportunity. But I have to get the beginning of my programmme (4S and 4T) nearly perfect, if I try a quad loop in competition, although I know it’ll be highly rewarded with the score.
If I fail them (4S and 4T), I’ll have to cover up those mistakes in the rest of my programme, and it confuses the other planed elements (so it’s not possible to try a quad loop in that case). Since a mistake takes so much energy from me, trying a quad loop (in a programme) is much more risky than before (with the one with just 4S and 4T). When opening 2 quads went perfect in practice, I often put a quad loop in it. I’ve landed it many times while I was practicing to the music.
But then, I tend to make small mistakes in the second half of my programme, because all the quads require enormous energy, although it might be not so obvious when you just see them. But I would like to try it by the end of this season, and be memorized as the first skater ever to land a quad loop in an official competition.

What is your strength and weakness?
Kevin: I am very competitive and I am very keen on what I do, not only about figure skating, but in general.
But on the other hand, I think I am a little stubborn. And sometimes, I feel less confident and can be kind of shy.

What do you think your issue is? And what do you need to solve the issue?
Kevin: I think there is a lot. Especially by comparing my skating with top skaters, what I need most is to improve my skating skill and quality of my performance. So, I’ve been learning those skills from ice-dance coaches for these 2years. Aaron Lowe and Megan Wing are with me almost every day. It really helps, but I think I need to do more.
And this year, I take ballet lessons personally, in order to improve my posture and to help my presentation.
This really helped me to get into the character of my free programme this year (Strauss).

I was wondering if you could tell us how you feel, right now, about the fact you missed to take part in the hometown Olympic games?
Kevin: Sure. Don’t worry. It’s been a year already, since the Vancouver Olympics was held.
I was deeply disappointed before, but I realized that this feeling will never leave me completely.
In 2000, the first event to welcome the Vancouver Olympics was held, and I gave a speech there as a representative of skaters.
Since then, I continued training, longed for the Olympics for 10years, but I missed it by narrow margin. It was a heartbreaking experience, and it’s still aching, because I know I will never have another chance to skate at the Olympics in my home town.
But I didn’t waste this experience and could turn it into motivation. I want to compete at the Olympics in Sochi. I’ll keep going for it.

In early January 2011, interviewed by e-mai


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Новости и информация|News&Media Information - Страница 2 Empty Re: Новости и информация|News&Media Information

Сообщение автор Shallena 2/2/2012, 10:05 am

nana-tantan, thank you and Sakiko so much for the thranslation of this intersting and emotional interview! I'll translate it into Russian as soon as I have time! I think Russian fans will like this interview a lot!

What is your strength and weakness?
Kevin: I am very competitive and I am very keen on what I do, not only about figure skating, but in general.
But on the other hand, I think I am a little stubborn. And sometimes, I feel less confident and can be kind of shy.
yes, it's really so! and I was quite surprised that Kevin could be so shy in real life while being so confident and determined at the ice!

I was deeply disappointed before, but I realized that this feeling will never leave me completely.
It's heartbraking...(( every time I read about his regrets because of missing home-town olympics, there's such anguish in his words that I feel like crying...
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Сообщение автор nana-tantan 3/2/2012, 2:34 pm

I'm glad that you liked it, and happy to share it with all of you in this forum!

Me too. My heart also aches for him every time I read about his disappointment by missing olympics. But when I read this interview, I saw his determination in his words. Even though it never leaves him, he determined to cope with this agony to get what waits for him beyond this experience.
I believe he can do it!!!


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Сообщение автор Anastasia 20/3/2012, 7:04 pm

In several days the Worlds-2012 is starting, so we'd like to wish Kevin good luck and beautiful skating! Our friends are going to the Championship, and they argeed to pass Kevin the present from the Russian fan-forum. This is the mascot of the Olympic Games-2014 in Sochi - The Polar Bear

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our letter

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stamps with the images of the mascots of Olympic Games in Sochi-2014

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Сообщение автор Anastasia 29/3/2012, 6:56 am

Mission complete !
Yesterday Kevin received a gift from Russian Fan-Forum!
It was after his training. Kevin went with his coach Joanne McLeod when Olga came and gave him the mascot of Olympic Gameas in Sochi 2014 - The Polar Bear cheers sunny

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Сообщение автор nana-tantan 31/5/2012, 5:09 pm

Hello everyone!

We had a fan meeting with Kevin in Tokyo when he came to Japan for the World Team Trophy in April. I would like to post my personal report (including Q&A with Kevin). So I hope you'll like it, and hope it's not too long...!

This report is to memorize what happened and how I felt throughout the fan meeting and its preparation. I am writing up this just the way I want to. But I am very happy to share my feelings, and more than happy to share what Kevin talked to his fans in Japan with all of you who is reading this.
My English may not be quite correct, so let me say sorry in advance!

It was kind of our dream... We’ve always been hoping to see Kevin skating in Japan, hoping to welcome him and hopefully have a fan meeting in Japan someday. So, it was always in our minds that the World Team Trophy 2012 was going to be held in Tokyo, but we couldn’t be so sure if Kevin would really participate in it. Two skaters would be sent for men’s singles category, though... We guessed it would be announced after the Worlds in Nice. It means there was no much time in between as the WTT would start on the 19th April. So, if we really wanted to organize a fan meeting, we needed to make the first action anyway.

A few days before the Worlds, we started to talk on the internet about possible plans including the schedule, budget, place, the interpreter, what we want to do with him or what we want to ask him, and many other things.

We searched on the web for the place where we can have a meeting with 30-40 people. Then, while the Worlds were being held in Nice, some of us went to Tokyo to actually see and check some rooms we found on the web, and we all agreed to choose one conference room in a building with a huge pendulum clock in the lobby. It brings you the image of the video game “Chrono-trigger”---his long program!

One thing worried us was the costs. Most rooms have kind of early reservation discount/last minute discount. We knew the earlier we book, the cheaper it costs... but at that time, we were not sure if Kevin really comes... what if Skate Canada doesn’t send him? Also, it seemed like a gamble to wait for the last minute discount... we were afraid of not being able to book any rooms available in the last minute. We should not take any discounts although we want to cut the expenses.
So, we decided to contact Kevin right after the Worlds finished, to ask him what he thinks about having a fan meeting, and then book a conference room as soon as we get his answer.

Another thing we needed to discuss was about the interpreter. We thought it is necessary to have an interpreter as we strongly want to know about Kevin and to understand what he talks as well. We also want to tell him our appreciation.
Actually, the language barrier was a big problem in Shanghai where some of us had a little and impromptu fan meeting. Someone who knows English volunteered to translate, but she’s not professional, so it was not easy (of course!). There was a lot of awkward silence between each question because most of them didn’t really know English, and everyone felt sorry for Kevin about having uncomfortable moments.
With this experience, we thought there has to be someone who makes our communication comfortable for both Kevin and us as if Kevin was talking to us directly.
Fortunately, we knew an interpreter and what is wonderful about her is that she is a big figure skating fan! (what’s more is that Kevin is one of her favorite skaters!) We contacted her and ask if she is free on possible date.

Then, we had the biggest issue--- “how to contact him”. We knew when to contact--- it has to be after the Worlds as we do not want to bother him with anything before the biggest competition like the Worlds, but how to...? What if we couldn’t get his reply?
So, we asked the Japanese fan forum to help us, to whom Kevin will most likely reply, we guessed. They kindly agreed and said that they also wanted to do a fan meeting but hadn’t had any concrete ideas yet. That was how we came to work together.

Soon after Skate Canada’s announcement (of who is coming for WTT), we received the reply from Kevin saying that he would be happy to have a fan meeting!

So, the schedule is set, the interpreter is ready, the conference room is booked.
Just one thing that worried us was the case if Kevin won’t be able to come due to injury or anything. (we didn’t even imagine about that though...). Having already booked the room, what should we do? We talked on the internet and agreed that all 8 of us would pay for the cancellation charge in that case...
And the interpreter said we don’t have to pay any cancellation fee to her if the meeting is cancelled. We couldn’t thank her enough for her generosity!

We announced about the fan meeting through the fan forum, and many people applied to it.

My husband took a day off on Friday the 20th to let me go to the WTT, so I bought a ticket for that day to watch Men’s free skating. The fan meeting was scheduled on Saturday (the 21st) morning, so, he was going to give me a very special one and a half day off. It seemed like everything was going well. I was so happy and excited... till 2days before the fan meeting.

It suddenly happened on the 19th. I just finished lunch with my son who had a little fever and was absent from kindergarten on that day. He ate almost nothing, so I made him have a nap, worrying. After a while, it might have been a few minutes or so, I looked at him sleeping...but he was not sleeping. His eyes were open, but saw nothing, his hands made strange movements that I can’t explain, like swimming in the air. I called his name, but got no reaction.
I grabbed my cell phone and pressed 119 without thinking anything. I don’t remember how I managed to hold onto saneness in the ambulance.
Next moment, I was at the hospital listening to the doctor saying that my son might have got damaged by virus in his brain---that was the worst possibility. The best case was that he was just having a high fever and everything is going to be alright when the fever’s gone, and in that case, he would soon be awake again, the doctor said. Anyway, he had to be checked. I didn’t quite understand what the doctor was talking about or refused to understand what was actually happening around me. My son was lying down on the bed being connected to lots of tubes and monitors, still unconscious. Tears just fell down on my face.
Then, for the first time, I noticed my baby girl was looking at me in my arms. She recalled to me that I’m a mother, always have to be strong.
Suddenly, a crying voice said “Mommy, wee-wee! I can’t wait!” After that, he became totally usual and even complained to me why I didn’t wake him up as he wanted to see inside of the ambulance. “Oh, why was I sleeping? Did you see the driver’s seat? Was it cool? ”

The next day was the Friday that I was supposed to go to the WTT. But of course, I gave up going and just stayed in the hospital with my son.
I felt happy even though I was missing the chance to see Men’s free skating.

After everything examined (including blood, cerebrospinal fluid and brain waves), the doctor said they found nothing wrong with my son, so he can leave the hospital the next day---the next day--- the day of the fan meeting. First, I didn’t even think that I could go, but...
My husband agreed to stay in the hospital with our son on Saturday morning, and my mother in law came to take care of my baby girl. So..., I asked them hesitatingly if they could give me 3-4hours in the next morning. They said “Yes, why not?”
My mother in law even thanked me for saving her grandson’s life, and willingly let me go!

On the morning of the 21st April, 41fans gathered for the fan meeting in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Before 9a.m. some staffs (except me!) started to prepare the room to welcome everyone. Got all the tables moved away to the back side of the room, and put the chairs in lines. I’d really like to thank them again that they kindly allowed me to arrive half an hour later than the other staffs as I have 2 little children.
Around 9:30, people started to arrive. A few people were with friends, but most people came alone. But soon, they started chatting quite friendly to each other as they all support the same skater, Kevin Reynolds!
At 10a.m. Kevin came into the room with the interpreter and the webmaster of Japanese fan forum. He was shyly smiling while entering the room, looked relaxed.

The meeting started with some questions from the MC.

MC: First, let me ask a bit about your programs and your skating career. Kevin, are you nervous?

Kevin: Yes, a little bit nervous.

MC: Don’t worry, I’m more nervous! So, please make yourself relaxed, and tell us about you.

K: I'm glad so many people turned out for this fan meeting (he realized that his microphone had been off, so he did turn it on, everyone, including himself, laughed) I really appreciate the support and was glad to perform in Japan after three years since last time I performed in Japan so thank you very much for your support I appreciate it.

MC: People from Hokkaido (the northernmost Japan) to Okinawa (the southernmost Japan) came all the way to see you today. By the way, is today your 4th or 5th day in Japan?

K: Yes I arrived in Tuesday so this could be my 4th or 5th day in Japan.

MC: Have you already been to the Square-Enix goods shop?

K: No I haven't had a lot of time to walk around because as soon as we arrived we kind of took a rest, we had one day practices and then it was the competition, and I am here today, so.

MC: It’s the only official shop in the world, and there you can see a life-sized Sephiroth doll lying beneath the glass floor. Please go and have a look if you have time.

(speaking of Square-Enix shop, it looked like he remembered something, and started talking.)
K: I appreciate some of the gifts that I received, there were so many, I was very surprised, I noticed some of the Chocobos with the Canadian flag, that's very cute.

MC: Can I ask how old were you when you first played Chrono-Trigger? And when did you come up with the idea to skate to Chrono-Trigger?

K: Well I first played Chrono-Trigger when I was 10years old.
At that time Chrono-Cross first came up, but I didn't have Playstation-system, so I played Chrono-Trigger first. About 4-5years later I played Chrono-cross.
The music really had lasting impressions. I also really enjoyed the story lines through the games as well it made lasting impressions on me. When I first heard the music in orchestra sound last year, I really liked it, and I thought about it for my skating performance. I was not sure how it would be accepted by the skating community, but I got positive comments on it, so I’m happy.

MC: There is a lot of impressive choreography in your long program. So was it you or your coach Joanne who wanted Meagan and Aaron to choreograph? And did they play the game as well?

K: No, they didn't actually play the game themselves but they do a lot of research on it about a month before, the storyline and other things. Now I’m really happy that we have impressive choreography especially foot work sequences, they listened a lot of my input. It was my coach's idea ( to ask them to choreograph) but also my idea.

MC: Foot work sequence? Is it the part you skate to “Gale”?

K: Both of the circular step sequence and the choreo steps at the end.

MC: On the internet, your long program has been praised among Japanese game fans that it must be made by the one who really understand the game and its storyline. In your program, we can see the movements that Chrono (the main character) casts magic, so was it your idea? Did you say that you wanted to put them into your program?

K: I was a little bit worried to be honest that if people didn't know the game may not understand the performance, but so far I've been surprised that people who knows and don’t know the games both understood and did enjoy my performance I'm really happy with that.
Of course I try to incorporate many movements from the game. Now I'm glad everything worked well.

MC: I’ve heard that you imagine yourself as Chrono in the program, and we can hear the music that includes the opening, battles, events and the ending of the game. So, could you tell us the story you try to display on the ice?

K: I try to portrait Chrono's story from the beginning to the ending scene as well. It was very difficult because of course in four and a half minutes, it's very hard to portrait the whole storyline and there was a lot of great music to choose from. Trying to compact that into a program was very difficult.

MC: Which parts of the program do you like most, the most impressive part for you?

K: Both of the footwork sequences and the opening. I really like the opening sequence (opening credits) in Chrono Trigger with the pendulum goes and back (represents time traveling), I feel that relaxes me for the first five seconds of the music. Of course to land the first quadruple jump on this part feels so good.

MC: In the second half of the program, there is a part you skate to “Prisoners of Fate” that is used for one of the most impressive scenes in the game (Chrono Cross), and you layout a lot of jumps, including three combinations there. So, we can feel a lot of things like determination, distress and this sort of things through your jumps and choreographies. Could you tell us how you feel or what you try to express while you are skating this part?

K: That was the part I had the lasting impression as well, very impressive part in the game. I want to translate it to my figure skating career as well, so I try to include my feeling for the sport.

MC: Time traveling is one of the themes for both Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. So, are there any points in your past that you want to go back? or the future you want to go?

K: I haven't really thought about that before but I think there's been so many happened in my figure skating career, many ups and downs…and I sometimes feel like returning to those points.
And there’re many places that I've been visiting in the world and I'd love to have second chance to visit, definitely.

MC: We really hope that your future will be the one you wish. Now let me introduce a message from Mr. Mitsuda who composed Chrono Trigger.
(everyone was surprised and pleased for him, and applause)

Here is the message.
“I watched your performance on TV yesterday. I think your performance made Japanese fans really pleased.
I always wish for your best performance, and always support you.
I tried to somehow make time to meet you today, but I need to work to meet the deadline. It’s a pity that I can’t make it. I really wanted to meet you, so it’s really a pity.
But I do believe we can meet someday.
Please keep attracting people with your wonderful performances.”
-Yasunori Mitsuda

K: I’m very pleased as he is one of my composing idols who composes for various games. Actually when I was younger, Mario Party was one of my favorite games as well, but I didn't know he was the composer of the music at that time, so I've actually tried a lot of games with his music, so he is one of my composing idols.

MC: Which female character (in Chrono Trigger) is your type? Marle or Lucca?

K: Ah I really like to have Marle and always have her in my party.

MC: What is your favorite element?

K: I really like jumps and spins as well. I like rotating. Since I was younger I like spins, although it’s getting more and more difficult to incorporate spins that I like into my performance, as the rule changes require spins with more difficult positions, so you can’t always do your favorite spins in the program...

MC: Any element you wish if it didn’t exist?

K: When I was younger I really don’t like the triple axcel, so that it took me a long time I come to terms with it. Actually quadruples are much more comfortable. The salchow and toe came first, but I ended up getting triple axcel, it wasn't my consistent jump for a long time and still it's difficult for me, but it's getting better.

MC: Can you tell us about the character you play in the short program? Is it kind of a mature sexy player? I’ve heard that many people caught your eye during your performance at the World Team Trophy, and it looked as if you were trying to charm them...!

K: Well, the idea when Shae-lynn was choreographing that for me was that the music was kind of taking hold of me, just a loose fluid style of music to go with the beat---just like (showed us loosening the upper body in his chair like ending position of his SP)---that explains ending position.
So, I try to be kind of a cool, in control and a little bit of that (mature sexy player) in the SP.

MC: Let me ask you a question from Russian fan forum. This season, you play the characters in your programs, so, are there any other characters that you want to try?

K: I would like to try various in style. I was hoping to do something little bit more classical, but it'll be up to choreographer, Joanne and myself to decide in a next couple of months. So, we haven’t really decided yet.

MC: Well, I’ve been asking you mostly about your programs, but to be honest, I wanted to ask you something like…for example “What time do you get up and go to bed?” or “What do you think about your coach?” this kind of things about your life as a skater. So, I’ll let everyone to ask any kind of questions. Please raise your hands if you have a question.

Q1: Every season, I think your costumes look wonderful and suit you very much, but this year, I’d like to know why you use that black one you’ve already used several years for your long program.

K: Well, we thought to have a new costume for the free skate, but at the last moment it was hard to get a concept that we could all agree, with the costume. But in the end we had that black costume for this season, just because we thought that the design of the costume fits the program as well, so, hopefully this will be the last time that I use this costume. We’ve shared and used this costume for many seasons, our team in general.
Originally, it was Neil’s (one of his coaches Neil Wilson) costume that was first used in 2003, so, it will have been 10 years next year. Hopefully we'll come up with the new original costume for next season.

Q2: Do you sometimes have to be careful not to eat as much as you want or go on a diet to keep your figure slim in winter season? Could you give us a tip on how to stay slim if you have any?

K: Throughout my life, I've been naturally very thin, my parents are actually quite short so, myself being tall is quite surprising. I'm 178cm and they are about 155 and 158cm so it's quite a difference. But I don't eat anything especially too strict with my diet. It just, I try to eat as healthy as possible. I guess the training that I do burns so many calories.
One of the things that I’m thinking for next year is a bit of muscle weight gain by off ice training.

MC: Speaking of your family, let me ask you a question from Russian fan forum again. Could you tell us about your family members?

K: I do have a brother, he is 2 years younger than me, he's never really been involved in skating, but he's been quite supportive throughout this, which I really appreciate it. He is finishing at his final year right now, after that he is going to university, but he doesn't quite know what he wants to do yet, but I think he's very smart, I think he will do very well.
My dad has been really taken part of my skating career when I was very young, up until this point, so I'm very thankful for that. My mother has been quite supportive as well so, I can't thank them enough for that.
My father was quite strict when I was younger so I guess that's why I had the greatest permanence on the rink, my mother has been especially kind to me, it's good to have that kind of applauding styles, like carrot and stick. I guess it leads me to where I am now.

Q3: How many marks would you give to your hairdo today?

K: Ah, it took a little bit of time, but ah, maybe....8 out of 10.

Q4: It looked team France had so much fun at Kiss &Cry, and I thought it would have been very nice to see Canadians doing like that…

K: Well, Our motto from the very beginning was “being Cool, Calm and Collective” so, to be, not so much into the fun but be supportive.

Q5: In your free skating., I think you often change the layout of your jumps depending on how well you landed previous ones. So I always wonder how you can recalculate the jumps during the performance, for example, which jumps you had done/left, how many jumps you can still do, and not to exceed the limit.

K: When we practice, we have several plans for recovery if things don’t go the way it’s planed. At the Worlds, it was very important to be on that mentally as well, to be on to think about that because, of course, the Worlds spots were on the line, for each point that I miss was very crucial. So, I did as well as possible for the Canadian team.
But it is very difficult to be changing your program but at the same time being within the rules. So, we need to have many plans.
That was mostly my planed program actually, the triple flip jump was a pain in my ankle which I had injured at four continents so I was not practicing that in between, so the quad jump was actually planed in second half (at the worlds).

Q6: Just before you came to Japan for WTT, you clicked a lot of “like” about video games and its music on your facebook profile. So, what do you like to do in your spare time besides video games?

K: Before I came, I wanted to kind of update my profile, because there were a lot of blanks about me, so I just wanted to fill in a little bit. But to my free time I like to go out to the park near my home and play sports. Soccer, baseball… but my favorite is golf. We have a driving range close to where we live, so actually my favorite sport besides figure skating would be golf.

MC: What time do you usually get up and go to bed?

K: Since I was very younger I like to sleep a lot. I started to be homeschooled that's why I was able to sleep longer. I usually get up at 10 or 10:30. It sounds quite unusual to someone who goes to school.
I go to bed around 10 or 11just to relax and listen to music and hopefully fall asleep by 12
Practices are in the afternoon tipically, from the winter season which last three-quarter (3/4) of the year, it's from 2 until 7 everyday.

Q7: You’ve just said today’s hairdo is 8 out of 10, what about your fashion today? Could you tell us about it? It looks really cool and fashionable.

K: Well, I try to be, I really like some of the Japanese style and clothing as well.
For instance, this pair of jeans…and the vest is also from Japan. I ordered some Japanese designer clothes online. It's very very difficult to get clothing thin enough for, in North America, it's usually designed to be much larger. I like tight-fitting clothing.

MC: Favorite brands?

K: The viridi-anne, it's a Japanese brand, men's line.

MC: It’s time for the last question, anyone? (then, 3 hands were thrown up into the air at once) Oh…what should I do?!

K: Don’t worry, I have time.

MC: Really? Thank you so much!

Q8: Whenever I see you on TV, you always have beautiful posture with your back upright. Maybe it has something to do with your parents, or father who’d been strict as you’ve just told?

K: I try to be, in the past resent years, maybe three or four years, it's come to my attention that I'd like to improve my performance aspects, so I've been working with private ballet teacher, it's usually 2hours on Monday as well as two group classes, so probably four hours a week.

Q9: I saw you drinking that Calpis-water (a bottle on the table beside him) several times. Before/after your performances and at Kiss & Cry as well. I think everyone wants to know why you choose it from various kinds of drinks.

K: It's to help me replace the sugars and salts after hard training. There’s been a little bit research done into that. So, it’s more helpful than water to drink something with a little bit of sugars and salts as well.
It's particular drink for us (not on sale in Canada), I liked it the first time that I tried it. That's why I choose it.

Q10: You look so gentle and kind-hearted as you always smile gently. But your jumps show us your inner strength. Have you got angry or irritated recently?

K: Of course there's been times where I've been angry or upset throughout my skating career, but I tend to be a little more focus on my performance.
I normally don't get angry. Of course there’s times, but in general, no.
I think when I get angry I tend to be quiet more than fussing or shouting.

Q11: Are there any places you want to visit in Japan? Last time you came to Japan for NHK trophy, it was in Tokyo, and this time it’s Tokyo again. So, would you like to visit somewhere else in Japan?

K: There’re lots of places that I'd like to visit in Japan of course I've heard about Okinawa and Nara and also Kyoto as well.

MC: What about the Four Continents Championships in Osaka (close to Kyoto) next year?

K: Yeah, definitely I would like to be part of that!

MC: We are always waiting and welcome you in Japan. Thank you very much!!

After that, each one of us had a little time to ask Kevin for autograph, photos and to tell how much he/she loves and appreciates his skating. As far as I could see, there were many fans who gave him drawings. What a pity, I couldn’t bring anything for him as I came from the hospital. I had no time to get any presents for him... I felt sad and sorry, but maybe next time!
The interpreter helped their communication, so everyone looked happy and satisfied to speak to him without language barrier. Kevin kept smiling all the time while answering all the requests from us.

***At the end, Kevin gave a message to Japanese fans***
“Thank you very much everyone for coming today I appreciate all your supports in my skating and throughout my skating career. Japanese fans have been especially nice towards me and I couldn't appreciate that more.
the reason for my being excited in Japan is because of all of you because of the support you, I receive and so thank you very much for every time that I go to Japan your support has mean a lot to me, so next time I come to Japan I ask for your continuous support and I look forward to it.
I look forward to that next time I come to Japan hopefully it's very soon. I feel excited every time that I can come here so, Again hope it's soon. So thank you very much for your coming today, and thank you very much for your continuous support.
"Arigatou gozaimasu.”(means Thank you. in Japanese)

MC: Thank you very much for your time today!

It was just one or two minutes before noon, already! It always surprises me how fast time flies when you are feeling happy.

Everyone waved and clapped their hands as Kevin was leaving the room with so many presents. Happy smiles on every face, it looked like we all were still dreaming to have just met our favorite skater in person.

But we really had no any time to enjoy that lingering dream, because other people who had booked this room at 12:00 were waiting for it to be cleared. We needed to clear up and leave the room immediately! So, we didn’t even have time to say good-bye to each other, and almost like running, we left the room.

At first, the meeting was planed to be about 90minutes. So, we booked the room from 9 to 12. By our estimation, we would need 30-40minutes to set up the room before everyone arrived, and the meeting would be 10 to 11:30 then we would have 30minutes left to clear up. So, it was a happy surprise for us that Kevin stayed half an hour longer with us… Thank you so much, Kevin!

you can also see some photos and a video message at Japanese fan forum if you are interested!


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Новости и информация|News&Media Information - Страница 2 Empty Re: Новости и информация|News&Media Information

Сообщение автор Kaori-KI 8/6/2012, 4:23 pm

I joined fan meeting with Kevin in April 21.
I'm glad Kevin coming to Japan, because I had been looking forward to it for a long time.
I remember the days that we prepared for this meeting and meeting day, they are both wonderful memories.

The webmaster of Japanese Fan-Forum handed the gift from Russian Fan-Forum to Kevin. These are the photos I took.

Кевин с подарком из России!
Новости и информация|News&Media Information - Страница 2 7329154312_2ab0b31244_b

Kevin with the mascot of Olympic Games in Sochi.
Новости и информация|News&Media Information - Страница 2 7329154624_09c267c9f7_b

Kevin looks like very happy)
Большое спасибо за русских поклонников!

I hope that Kevin will go to Olympic Games in Sochi 2014!! sunny


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Сообщение автор Kaori-KI 15/6/2012, 2:59 pm

This is the brochure of 2012 World Team Trophy.
I translated sentences of Kevin with a little help from tantan.
Thank you very much, tantan!

He is an excellent jumper who has two different kind of quads in his arsenal- quad salchow and quad toe loop.
It wouldn't be a surprise if his potential put him among world's top skaters, but he has been struggling for his consistency to skate 2 strong programs(SP and LP) back to back, and that is why his rank made less progress than expected in international competitions.
However, he is naturally talented in jumping, so, his sleeping potential may wake up and surprise the world in anytime.
The way he performes is unique and shows his originality that matches his personality.

Новости и информация|News&Media Information - Страница 2 7189591967_01f9a38e67_b


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Сообщение автор Qwessta 6/9/2012, 11:27 am

Kevin Reynolds Gets a Choreographic Makeover

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